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Carpets can actually be washed very clean

Issuing time:2021-09-28 16:42

In hotels, office buildings, including high-end apartments, carpets are a lot of people choose decorations, it allows people to enjoy a high grade and comfortable life appeal. But as a special fabric, it is easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices also let a lot of people on the "love hate".

Carpet and fabric furniture is life, maintenance is good, life will be extended, cleaning carpet, especially the hotel carpet can also be cleaned very clean." According to the vice president of Beijing Association of Beijing Yahan cleaning cleaning limited company general manager Zhang Yaju introduction, the company introduced the world advanced carpet, furniture cleaning technology, high pressure steam cleaning host relying on a strong power, and can continuously heating water with detergent to 100 degrees Celsius, the formation of steam jet thus greatly improving the cleaning activity, also produced a strong suction machine with implantable vacuum suction head, to ensure rapid sewage suction, thus greatly shorten the drying time of carpets and upholstered furniture, and the residual detergent is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the cleaning of the carpet can reduce the damage of carpet fiber to the minimum.

"Usually, 90% of the hotel odor comes from carpets." Zhang Yaju said, because it is not the traditional way of cleaning the carpet clean, dirt is pressed into the carpet deep, with increased the frequency of cleaning, residue and bacteria will be more and more, the summer high temperature, influence of wet weather, let the carpet became a hotbed of bacteria, it will certainly have a taste of the carpet. "An antidote against the disease is the key," the secret of Zhang Yaju is to solve the problem of cleanliness of carpet with the "421 theory": the four elements of a good grasp of the cleaning process of chemical and mechanical force, temperature, time, and do the "dirt separation" and "contamination", can let the carpet clean as new.

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